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Script Write trade in file csv Project Details

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I want write all trade in my account in a file.csv. 


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Expert Advisers/Auto Trades

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mt5copier_master.mq5, 116512.csv,
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Posted On: 14-11-2018

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  • GioBru64 14-11-2018


  • GioBru64 14-11-2018

    please see ea on mq5 and file I want for each pair in market whatch

  • edakad 15-11-2018

    Hello, While checking the EA attached, I found this 1. The EA takes all symbols in market watch and writes the open positions for those symbols. 2. When a symbol has multiple positions , it writes only one position in the csv file. From your project description, I understand that you want all open positions written to a text file. Am I right? So my suggestion for this project is (If I am right about your requirement), we pick all open positions and write them to a csv file. Please clarify, then I can move ahead with the project Thanks

  • GioBru64 15-11-2018

    yes correct , only one position with total volume and type (buy/Sell).

  • GioBru64 15-11-2018

    So need write one line for each symbol in market watch and if trade is 0 need write type 2 3;AUDCAD;2;0;0;0;0;0

  • edakad 15-11-2018

    Hello Thanks for the clarification. Will update you tomorrow after making prototype code

  • edakad 16-11-2018

    Hello Sir, Need more clarification. Suppose there are 3 Open positions in Symbol EUR/USD, 1 Lot Buy, 2 Lot sell and 2 Lot Buy. What will be the line in csv like. Suppose this is the first symbol in market watch. Ticket1;EUR/USD;0;OpenPrice;1;SL;TP;Profit Ticket2;EUR/USD;1;OpenPrice;2;SL;TP;Profit Ticket3;EUR/USD;0;OpenPrice;2;SL;TP;Profit This shows 3 lines with each open ticket Or Net Position only. If net position only then Ticket, SL, TP becomes irrelevant Please clarify this. The project is almost ready. Please award the project also

  • GioBru64 16-11-2018

    Hi, I need for each symbol in market watch: 1;symbol1;buy/sell(0=Buy-1=Sell);net volume=(Amount-NH);0;0;0;0; 2;symbol2;buy/sell(0=Buy-1=Sell);net volume=(Amount-NH);0;0;0;0; 3;symbol3;2;0;0;0;0;0;(if there is't trade on this symbol) You understand?

  • edakad 16-11-2018

    Ok, but please explain this Symbol Eurusd 2 lot buy and 1 lot sell is open Net volume = 1 lot buy. So buy/sell = 0 and volume = 1 lot Now suppose 2 lot buy and 2 lot sell, here net volume = 0, And buy/sell = 2 Right?

  • edakad 16-11-2018

    Hello Sent a PM with an image of the CSV and terminal net positions. Please check and let me know if all is ok Thanks

  • GioBru64 16-11-2018

    My friends , if you have in eurusd 10 lot sell and 5 lot buy need write: 1(LINE SYMBOL ON MARKET WHATCH);Eurusd;1(MEAN SELL );5(10-5);0;0;0;0;

  • edakad 19-11-2018

    Hello, Sending a PM with an image. Please check it and let me know. Thanks

  • edakad 19-11-2018

    Sorry but I do not know why you are hesistant to make a commitment. But no commintment no trial

  • GioBru64 20-11-2018

    I tell you, do not know rules on this freelance, and where send you the commitment. You have problem send me trial and I close job very fast. I need this script and have not time to waste. You send me a evcel I do not see script.

  • GioBru64 22-11-2018

    Please EDAKAD, resolve vertex 11 problem,

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