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I need an IUndicator or “oscillator” since the various curves produced fluctuate between values of zero and 100. The “signal” line of the indicator rarely goes above 60, but values below 20 indicate a weak trend, and values over 40 suggest a strong one. The indicator consists of three lines, one each for measuring descending and ascending trends (referred to as “DM” or Directional Movement lines), and then the “signal” line that represents the “absolute” force of either the ascending or the descending trend.


1. Positive and negative DM indicators are developed based on the previous period’s high/low values;
2. An Average DM for N periods is calculated for both positive and negative trends;
3. Each Average DM is normalized by dividing it by the “Average True Range”, another indicator, to arrive at two indexes;
4. A directional index is computed as an absolute value percent of the difference of the two DM’s divided by their sum;
5. Lastly, a moving average of the Directional Index is calculated for N periods.

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Custom Indicators
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